Fidertessile was born in 1974 in the heart of Tuscany, a region with a centuries old tradition in textile research, design, development and production. We employ all the wealth of the knowledge and accumulated skill of our region to create our high quality, high-end textiles.

Our creative and technical staff see as an inspiration the artistic tradition and ancient crafts, which are so alive in Tuscany. They use them to combine perfectly natural materials and innovative concepts to create highly original products. Today, Fidertessile has an every large, one might say vast, collection of fabrics. This encompasses Dobbie and Jacquard weaves as well as Velvets, both laminated and printed.

These are always in step with the times, anticipating trends in and the demands of the market. We employ the professionalism and skills of our whole team to offer a highest level of service to all our Clients, whether for our own products or for items which are tailor-made, customized or personalized to the Client’s specification and needs.
The exquisitely artisan spirit and character of the Company’s Founders have been retained from its beginnings through to the current generation which leads the Company today.

We will continue to merge ancient knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to deliver products of the highest quality and the most inspiring designs and colours in order to give ultimate satisfaction to our valued customers.

Tuscany with its beauty, thriving natural landscape, good food and stunning scenery are our daily motivation to work to the best of our abilities and to take Fidertessile products to such a level that they can also represent Italian creativity and quality around the world.