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Welcome to Fidertessile

Fidertessile was born in 1974 in the heart of Tuscany, a historical land of textile tradition, and has always been actively involved in researching, designing and manufacturing high-end textiles.
The company’s creative and technical staff has always seen artistic tradition and ancient crafts, which are still very much alive in Tuscany, as an inspiration to create products which perfectly combine, natural materials and innovative conceptions, producing a range of absolutely original products.

Today Fidertessile has an extremely vast collection of fabrics, including Dobby Weaves, Jacquards, and Velvets Laminated and Printed, which are always in step with the times and often anticipate market trends and demand. Our combined professionalism both in terms of design and manufacturing allows us to offer high-level services to our Clients, which include the design and the manufacturing of personalised and tailor-made items.

The exquisitely artisan spirit and character of the Company’s has been retained from its origins all the way through to the new generation which is at the head of the Company today and continues along the path of merging ancient knowledge and new, cutting-edge technologies in order to deliver products of the highest quality.